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Workout Wear

Three of my favorite stores are having some amazing sales on active wear this week! I am the kind of person who is largely motivated to workout by having the right outfit, so new workout clothes for summer are always a must.

First, Nordstrom! There are so many Zella and Nike sales! If you haven’t tried the Zella leggings yet- now is the time! I find myself reaching for my Zella leggings more than my LuLu ones… and that’s saying a lot. The quality cannot be beat for $40.

Next up, Old Navy! They recently launched a new line of active wear, and it is to die for. I just placed a huge order and can’t wait to do a try-on for you all. Check out all the fun sets!

Finally, our BFF Target. Target’s C9 line of active wear has also been stepping its game up lately. Most of these items are currently on sale- so jump on them!