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Nordstrom Sale- What I’m Adding to Cart!

Hey, friends! Here are my personal picks for the Nordstrom sale. I’m breaking them up into categories, and will be adding items often as I see things! So, bookmark this page and check back often!

As a reminder, tomorrow the sale goes live for cardholders, and the 19th it goes live for the public! But, as I mentioned in this post, preparing your shopping cart now is the best way to shop!

I also want to remind you all how thankful I am when you shop through my links! I’ll be transparent here- publishing to this site and putting this content out here costs bloggers money! So, if during the N Sale one of your fav. bloggers posts something that you are excited to buy- shop their link 🙂 It will mean the world to them that you are supporting their hustle!

OK. THE SALE: *Be sure to scroll on the widgets- there’s way more than 2 items per category!!

What I’m Adding to Cart ASAP. These are items expected to sell out fast! Check back often for re-stocks if an item you want says it’s out of stock.

Basics. I always stock up on these items during the sale.

Barefoot Dreams. People, this is worth the splurge I promise!

Athletic Wear. Great Zella deals, but don’t stress if you miss them- go look at the Rack!

Sweaters. The best time to get good quality sweaters for an even better price.

Splurges. Justin if you’re reading this- I promise to not buy ANY of these items 😉

Shoes. Basics, and a few high-quality splurges.

Jewelry. Love finding Kendra Scott on sale.

Check back for more additions as the sale goes on! Tag me on Insta if you end up buying & loving any of these!

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Workout Wear

Three of my favorite stores are having some amazing sales on active wear this week! I am the kind of person who is largely motivated to workout by having the right outfit, so new workout clothes for summer are always a must.

First, Nordstrom! There are so many Zella and Nike sales! If you haven’t tried the Zella leggings yet- now is the time! I find myself reaching for my Zella leggings more than my LuLu ones… and that’s saying a lot. The quality cannot be beat for $40.

Next up, Old Navy! They recently launched a new line of active wear, and it is to die for. I just placed a huge order and can’t wait to do a try-on for you all. Check out all the fun sets!

Finally, our BFF Target. Target’s C9 line of active wear has also been stepping its game up lately. Most of these items are currently on sale- so jump on them!

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Summer Favorites

By overwhelming demand… per my Instagram poll sounds like everyone is looking for two things: swim and tassel/fringe earrings! Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to see my FAVORITE swimsuit I’ve bought this season… that literally cost me under $2. Be sure to click the photos for pricing and purchasing information.

First up, Target! AKA all girl’s Their new line Shade & Shore has some great mix & match swim options, as well as some cute one pieces (warning, there is a glitch that is making these all show as sold out- but they are all still in stock if you follow the link):

Target is also currently offering free shipping & returns on all swim!

Next, Aerie! I am recently loving their items! The high-neck swimsuit style is so cute, and flattering on all bodies!

Finally, Amazon Swimmies! Cupshe is one of my favorite swim brands, the quality is SO good for such a great price. This first one-piece was my first Cupshe purchase, and I was hooked after that!

Links to Amazon Swim from left to right:

Striped Bikini, High Neck, Velvet Bikini, Ruffle Bikini, One Piece

Okay, finally my $2 swimsuit! I bought this on a whim after one of my favorite bloggers (Jena Green) posted hers! Its currently $1.62 (price does fluctuate but I have never seen it for more than $2.50).

Honestly- I was afraid to get this in after I saw it was shipping from China. I have such bad luck with buying clothing made overseas and having it come in WAY too small! BUT- this swimsuit fits me better than anything I currently have…it’s that good! It’s double lined on both pieces, and has removable padding in the top. I would suggest ordering a size up, just because the top is a bit narrow. Or, buy 2 sizes and give the one that doesn’t fit away LOL for $2 you can’t go wrong.

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Kleinfeld, NYC

So, seeing as this was probably the best day of my life, and I am getting so many questions about it, I figured I would share all about my Kelinfeld Bridal experience via blog post!

I have been watching ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ with my mom for years, so when I got engaged she knew this is where we had to go for the dress. She surprised me around by birthday with this trip- and I was so so excited!

After we booked the trip, we found out Hayley Paige would be at the store that day launching her Fall 2019 collection. Seeing as Hayley Paige is one of my favorite bridal designers, I was so excited she would be there!! (Not to mention, she responded to my message on Instagram and chatted with me about when we would be there!)

We flew into NYC, saw some sights, and the next day it was the day! Arriving at Kleinfeld’s literally felt like I was watching myself in the show. Every first impression from walking through those doors, to checking in, to waiting in the waiting area was surreal! As we waited, we saw so many familiar faces walking by us (Shay, Randy’s mom, Diane, Ally, Lisa!!!)

As it came time for the next round of brides to head into the salon, consultants started to come out and call our names one by one. I didn’t recognize any of the consultants coming out to get their brides- but eventually I was the only one left! Cue *last kid to get picked for kickball at recess feeling* lol! I was kind of like “what the heck where is MY consultant?!” for a moment. Then, Diane came out. I(f you don’t watch the show- Diane is the God of Kleinfeld.) My mom looked at me and jokingly said “what if Diane is your consultant?!”

Next thing I know, Diane was coming towards me saying “Jennifer? I will be your consultant today!”

I. Literally. Died.

I was worried my experience at Kleinfeld would almost feel like a “watered down” version of the show. Not true. My mom was sat on the blue velvet couches in the center of the salon, with our own area for me to come out to the mirror at… just like on the show!

Next, Diane walked me around the salon and we looked at dresses, pointing out what I liked and didn’t like. I mentioned to her I was very interested in Hayley Paige dresses, so we started there!

When I came out in the first dress, a Hayley Paige that had just been released that day, it felt so surreal to be standing on the step in the middle of Kleinfeld’s in a wedding dress! But- things got better.

Next thing I know, Hayley Paige was running up to me saying “my dress! my dress!” She hugged me right away, and was complementing the style… she was legit so nice! She asked me all kinds of questions about my style, and even gushed over my engagement ring (100 points to Justin). CRAZIER: as I told her about what I liked in dresses, she grabbed her iPhone and started flipping through her camera roll showing me some of her new designs that haven’t even been created yet!

So, we went on trying on some dresses, all of which were amazing of course! I won’t share if I “Said Yes to the Dress”… but I will tell you there were lots of tears either way!

It was crazy seeing myself in a gown… and even crazier when Diane insisted we try on a veil as well. Its so cliche… but I swear the second she set that cathedral length veil on my head I lost it! I was just staring at myself thinking “Wow. I am MARRYING my best friend, the most amazing guy I know…” it was honestly such an emotional moment. Even other people around us started crying seeing how worked up I was lol!

Overall, Kleinfled’s truly treats each and every women that steps into that salon like a princess. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, or consultant (I mean… DIANE! It still doesn’t feel real that I spent 2 hours with a Kleinfeld legend). Meeting Hayley Paige and chatting with her was probably the highlight of my 25 years of life.

So, if you are engaged I highly recommend making a girls weekend out of it, and heading to NYC to the most well known bridal salon in the world! It was truly 2 hours of my life I will never, ever forget and am so thankful for.

Now if you need me, I’ll be watching STYTD re-runs for the rest of time.

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Spring Transitional Pieces

All products are linked below and can be viewed by clicking the photo for quick & easy purchase!

Spring. I honestly feel like it can be one of the hardest seasons to dress for. You’re so over wearing boots… but it’s way too early for summer heels and sandals. It can also go from being 40 degrees in the morning to 70 in the afternoon… so there’s that.

Below are some of my favorite spring closet staples. To me, spring is all about lighter/distressed denim, chunky but lightweight sweaters, bralettes, and transitional shoes!


These sweaters are a perfect transition outfit! Order a size up for a slouchy fit, perfect to pair with a bralette for a pop of spring lace! I also love that these sweaters could be re-purposed as a summer outfit with a cute pair of shorts. OR, even worn again in the fall!

I love to transition my denim to be lighter in the spring. These are two options I own- and let me tell you, they are THE comfiest jeans ever. They are a bit of a splurge, but so worth it. Here are 2 options linked via prime- so you can try them out and ship back fo free if you don’t fall in love.

SPRING SHOES. Who else agrees these can be SUCH a struggle?! I am always standing in my closet trying to find a shoe that works in both 30 degrees and 40 degrees lol! Here are some of my favorites that I plan to invest in this season…

These wedges are so in right now! They are adorable with jeans or a dress/romper when it gets warmer.

I own these peep-toed booties and wear them more than any other shoe. Again, perfect almost year-round.

Another shoe that is in my work-wear rotation are these low-heeled booties. They literally go with almost any outfit!

Am I the only one that is SO glad my middle-school go to is back in style?! These are way more casual than the other options, but would still be so cute with jeans and a sweater for a casual weekend look. Not to mention- they’re $11 and GREAT quality.