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2020 Bride

Well friends, I planned on doing this blog post as a “5 months til the big day wedding update” with vendors, where we are in the planning process, and all that fun stuff. But, coronavirus.

I want to preface this blog post by saying I know we are extremely lucky. So many people that I know have had to cancel/postpone their spring weddings and my heart breaks for them! We are not at that point yet, but I think it’s safe to say that there is SO much unknown, and every bride getting married this year is kind of freaking out. Virtually sending hugs (and wine) to anyone who has already had to make these really hard decisions.

When we set our fall of 2020 wedding date back in January of 2019, we never would have seen this coming! As dramatic as it may sound, the last month has been such a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Where am I now? Honestly, kind of mad! Mad isn’t quite the right word, but let’s go with it. I’m mad that when I now tell people I’m getting married this year they feel sorry for me- instead of saying ‘congrats how exciting!”. That’s childish of me, I know. But it’s a crappy feeling. 

I’m mad that everyone has an opinion on what we should do- yet no one really knows the right answer. Can someone just secretly tell all the 2020 brides what the future holds?! We will keep it to ourselves, we promise 😉

I’m mad that the months leading up to our wedding feel “tainted’ by the uncertainty and stress of this virus and what the next 5 months will look like. I’m sad for my friends getting married before me, and mad that we can’t spend these next few months in our bubble of almost married joy and bliss this summer!

I’m mad that the next few months seem to have a cloud hanging over them, when they should have been spent at bridal showers for some of my closest friends and myself, flights to bachelorette parties, and shopping for numerous white dresses for all the fun occasions.

But, some things I need to remind myself of:

  • I am marrying the love of my life, either way! It may not be in 2020, but it will still happen! That in itself makes this all worth it. I’d go through this all again and again if the end result was marrying Justin!
  • Our wedding will look the way I’ve always dreamed of, regardless of the date. For some reason I have to keep reminding myself that our wedding will literally be the exact same event even if it happens next year. We’ve decided that if our original date doesn’t work, we will wait until we can do the full out thing we planned rather than do a smaller version, and that brings me a lot of peace.
  • Honestly, as of right now I’m not as worried about the actual wedding date as I am the things leading up to it like the shower and bachelorette party. I know this isn’t what getting married is all about, but these are precious, joy filled memories I was so looking forward to sharing with my favorite people. I have to remind myself that if they can’t happen when they are originally planned to, I’ll still get those memories. They will happen before our new wedding date, if it comes down to that. We won’t just totally forget about these things and never do them.

Again, if I’m being super transparent, I have the most anxiety about these next few months being tainted by the coronavirus cloud of doom. But… I have come to realize no one can taint that unless I let it. 

If I can walk through the next five months, happy, filled with joy to marry the love of my life, filled with hope and light- nothing can take that away. I really am in control of what our attitude can be like leading up to this experience, and I am now determined to walk through the next 5 months full of hope and joy. 

What’s the worst case? I walk through this time with hope & joy, and have to reschedule? Fine! We will still get our day and I saved myself a LOT of stress and sadness  🙂

What’s the best case? I walk through this time with hope & joy and get to marry my future husband as planned? AMAZING. We proved our strength and didn’t taint our experience by giving into fear and anxiety.

Either way, it’s a win! Either way, memories will be made with my best friends, my family, and Justin!

Imagine this: I give into the fear and anxiety and spend the next 5 months a ball of stress, bad moods, and tears (aka my last week lol)… and THEN our original planned date works out? I will be so, so mad at myself that I didn’t fully enjoy those months and that ME and ONLY me, tainted those memories. 

So friends, and 2020 Brides, I FREAKING FEEL YOU. Here’s to raising a virtual glass of wine, and filling the rest of our year with hope, joy, and positive vibes. WE. GOT. THIS. If anyone is set up for a long happy marriage, it’s couples planning a wedding during COVID-19 😉


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Wedding Check-In

I did an Insta-poll last week to see who was interested in hearing about our wedding planning thus far, and I am so excited to finally be sharing! I wanted to write this post almost as a “diary entry”, since I know these days are going to fly by and sentimental me is going to want to remember all these exciting details!

I’m going to start by sharing some of the vendors we have selected/used so far and our thoughts as we were selecting them.

Photography: Ben Ramos Photography

Confession: I reached out to Ben BEFORE we even announced our engagement on Facebook or to a majority of our family LOL. If that doesn’t tell you how good he is, nothing will. Ben is a true professional, but also such a hype-man! I don’t know about you, but I want that kind of vibe surrounding me on my wedding day!

We have already done our engagment shoot with him (featured photo), and we cannot wait to see all our photos! The shoot was so fun- even Justin said it was a blast and the 1.5 hours flew by. It helps that I know Ben from high school, but honestly even if he was a stranger- it would have been the same amazing experience!

This was one area we KNEW we were going to splurge in- I have heard horror stories about wedding photographers and knew I didn’t want to skimp here. To each their own of course, but I am already so confident with our decision to invest in Ben!

Reception Venue: Hotel Arista, Naperville IL

With so much event experience under my belt from my career, I thought this step would be easy. Spoiler Alert: it. was. not.

I thought I was sold on Elements at Water Street, before even seeing it in person. I had always dreamed of having my wedding there! So, when we toured and it didn’t live up to our expectations, I was crushed (there may have been actual tears… #NotACrazyBride).

We continued on our venue search, and eventually came to find Hotel Arista. Hotel Arista and Katie, their wedding coordinator, had amazing reviews! We made an appointment, and from the first step in, everything was perfect.

Hotel Arista is a boutique hotel, so it is decorated very unique! Think white marble, gold fixtures, leather couches, navy velvet curtains… totally our vibe! When we stepped in, we were greeted with the most friendly faces and given a very through tour of the actual hotel and their amenities before even seeing the event space, which was a great touch!

Katie totally understood my vision, and was so great to talk with from the very first moment. That was the kind of vibe I was looking for. At this point, it was a no-brainer that Hotel Arista was where we wanted to be!

Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Mercy Church

DJ/Photobooth: DJ D.JONES // Spark Entertainment Group

I found DJ D.Jones via The Knot- and I am so glad I did! Durrel is so professional, but also so friendly and outgoing. From the first conversation, he gave so much amazing advice and insight into our day as a whole that I was 100% sold on him.

He will be sure to keep our wedding feeling more like a party- which is exactly what we wanted!

Durrel and his company also have Photobooths for rental. What we loved about his photobooth was that they will set up hours beforehand, even if the photobooth will only be open for a part of our reception. We deff did not want workers setting up our photobooth as our guests tried to eat dinner.

The final selling point on DJ D.Jones was his website! All his couples get access into a custom portal where we can give song suggestions, make a do not play and must play list, and enter in our run of show. If you know organized me- you know that is amazing!

Suggestions from Others:

A couple of weeks ago I asked my insta-friends to share their biggest regrets/suggestions from their wedding days, here are some of my favorites:

Get a videographer

Don’t party the night away at your rehearsal dinner

Have a well seasoned photographer to keep you on track

Don’t leave for your honeymoon the next morning

Eat a good meal before- you won’t eat a bite during your reception

Signage asking guests to not take cell phone pics during your ceremony


Planning Thoughts:

So far, the easiest parts of planning have been choosing decor and colors (not sharing this til the day of!), and everything with our bridal party (they are all seriously the best!)

Hardest parts so far have been deciding how much we want to invest in flowers (not a big flower person), finding a videographer (send your recommendations my way!) and WEDDING DRESS shopping.

As I am sure you all know, we went to Klienfeld’s in NYC to dress shop! Although I didn’t ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ there, it was such an amazing experience that I wouldn’t change a thing about! It gave me a better idea of exactly what I was looking for… fingers crossed that clarity is given at the next appointment we have back home in Naperville later on this month!

I am honestly loving every second of this planning so far, and am already wondering what I am going to do when it’s all done! Good thing we have until October 3rd, 2020…or 473 days… but who’s counting?! 😉

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New York City

We took the quickest trip ever to NYC (see previous post as to why we were there!) But, we managed to fit in a ton of great sights! Below is a rough breakdown of what we did for three days in NYC!

Day 1: We were off the plane and at Hotel Henri by 1pm! This hotel was so cute (with a great rooftop bar) and in a great location. Right next to the hotel was Tappo Thin Crust Pizza– our first stop! I would highly recommend.

Next, we walked to the Empire State Building and went up to the top for the amazing city views! It took us about two hours from start to finish to see the top.

After this, we walked to Times Square! We took in all the views along the way, and the less than a mile walk felt great after a morning spent on a plane! We grabbed a coffee and took in all that Times Square has to offer!

After Times Square, we took a slight detour and walked towards Radio City. Right near here is the iconic LOVE sculpture! After this, we stopped at Joe and the Juice for a quick snack. We spent some time window shopping, and then it was time for dinner!

We wanted to do dinner in Times Square, so that we could see the area at night as well! We tried Dos Caminios, and it was great! By the time dinner was done and we got some photos of TS at night, we were so exhausted from a day of travel, and headed back to the hotel!

Day 2: The morning of this day was spent dress shopping, see this post if you want all the details on how our morning was!

For lunch, we grabbed an uber to the start of Madison Ave near Central Park. We found this amazing soup & salad spot! From here, we walked and did some shopping! I was pretty much in heaven with all my favorite designers on one street. I would highly recommend the Kate Spade store on Madison Ave (it’s 4 floors!), Tory Burch, and Laduree!

Speaking of, we needed a pick-me-up around this time so we grabbed lattes and macaroons. Laduree is so worth the hype, and is a must when in NYC!

Next, we took some time to stroll around Central Park! It was so beautiful with all the spring flowers blooming. I would recommend starting Central Park from the corner of __ and __ and then heading north towards the Met! We didn’t go into the Met, but it was so cool to see from the outside (xoxo, gossip girl).

We then headed back to our hotel to get ready for dinner! We went to our hotel’s rooftop bar, Sir Henri Penthouse, which I would recommend checking out even if you don’t stay at this hotel! They have some great views (and such an insta-worthy space), and happy hour deals!

We had a reservation for The Smith for dinner, but some other places on our list were Gato for Italian food, or Galli for medditerian food. These were both not in walking distance, so we opted for a walk to The Smith!

Day 3: We started today with breakfast at Le Pain, can’t go wrong with gluten-free avocado toast! From there, we took an uber to the 9/11 Memorial.

After seeing the memorial it started pouring rain, so we checked out the Oculus! This mall is so cool on the inside, and worth checking out while you’re in the area!

We spent the rest of this afternoon wandering through Washington Square Park at the farmers market, drinking coffee in the park, and of course shopping on 5th Ave!

For our last meal, we decided to head to Eataly to get out of the rain! Even though we have one of these in Chicago, it didn’t dissapoint! It’s a great way to kill a couple of hours in the city if the weather is less than ideal. We ended our weekend with the best pasta we have ever had- and a couple glasses of wine of course!

Overall, for a quick weekend a Thursday-Saturday trip to NYC was perfect. I would love to go back, but would keep the trip around that length again, and head to some new areas! Any must-see’s in NYC that I missed on this trip? Comment below or on Instagram & let me know!

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Kleinfeld, NYC

So, seeing as this was probably the best day of my life, and I am getting so many questions about it, I figured I would share all about my Kelinfeld Bridal experience via blog post!

I have been watching ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ with my mom for years, so when I got engaged she knew this is where we had to go for the dress. She surprised me around by birthday with this trip- and I was so so excited!

After we booked the trip, we found out Hayley Paige would be at the store that day launching her Fall 2019 collection. Seeing as Hayley Paige is one of my favorite bridal designers, I was so excited she would be there!! (Not to mention, she responded to my message on Instagram and chatted with me about when we would be there!)

We flew into NYC, saw some sights, and the next day it was the day! Arriving at Kleinfeld’s literally felt like I was watching myself in the show. Every first impression from walking through those doors, to checking in, to waiting in the waiting area was surreal! As we waited, we saw so many familiar faces walking by us (Shay, Randy’s mom, Diane, Ally, Lisa!!!)

As it came time for the next round of brides to head into the salon, consultants started to come out and call our names one by one. I didn’t recognize any of the consultants coming out to get their brides- but eventually I was the only one left! Cue *last kid to get picked for kickball at recess feeling* lol! I was kind of like “what the heck where is MY consultant?!” for a moment. Then, Diane came out. I(f you don’t watch the show- Diane is the God of Kleinfeld.) My mom looked at me and jokingly said “what if Diane is your consultant?!”

Next thing I know, Diane was coming towards me saying “Jennifer? I will be your consultant today!”

I. Literally. Died.

I was worried my experience at Kleinfeld would almost feel like a “watered down” version of the show. Not true. My mom was sat on the blue velvet couches in the center of the salon, with our own area for me to come out to the mirror at… just like on the show!

Next, Diane walked me around the salon and we looked at dresses, pointing out what I liked and didn’t like. I mentioned to her I was very interested in Hayley Paige dresses, so we started there!

When I came out in the first dress, a Hayley Paige that had just been released that day, it felt so surreal to be standing on the step in the middle of Kleinfeld’s in a wedding dress! But- things got better.

Next thing I know, Hayley Paige was running up to me saying “my dress! my dress!” She hugged me right away, and was complementing the style… she was legit so nice! She asked me all kinds of questions about my style, and even gushed over my engagement ring (100 points to Justin). CRAZIER: as I told her about what I liked in dresses, she grabbed her iPhone and started flipping through her camera roll showing me some of her new designs that haven’t even been created yet!

So, we went on trying on some dresses, all of which were amazing of course! I won’t share if I “Said Yes to the Dress”… but I will tell you there were lots of tears either way!

It was crazy seeing myself in a gown… and even crazier when Diane insisted we try on a veil as well. Its so cliche… but I swear the second she set that cathedral length veil on my head I lost it! I was just staring at myself thinking “Wow. I am MARRYING my best friend, the most amazing guy I know…” it was honestly such an emotional moment. Even other people around us started crying seeing how worked up I was lol!

Overall, Kleinfled’s truly treats each and every women that steps into that salon like a princess. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, or consultant (I mean… DIANE! It still doesn’t feel real that I spent 2 hours with a Kleinfeld legend). Meeting Hayley Paige and chatting with her was probably the highlight of my 25 years of life.

So, if you are engaged I highly recommend making a girls weekend out of it, and heading to NYC to the most well known bridal salon in the world! It was truly 2 hours of my life I will never, ever forget and am so thankful for.

Now if you need me, I’ll be watching STYTD re-runs for the rest of time.

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Skincare Routine


All items are linked and can be viewed in more detail or purchased by clicking each photo.

Skin. Care. Honestly, one of my favorite topics. I love buying/trying new products, and LOVE finding a good routine even more.


This is my current skincare routine! I have been using this exact routine for about a year, and it has done wonders for my skin. I took out a lot of the harsh products I was using to ‘prevent breakouts’…. and realized my skin looked & felt better when I just let it be!

Recently I’ve been on a mission to find cleaner beauty products. Working for the American Cancer Society I am avid about my health and the scary places cancer-causing ingredients can hide… but my skin is something I never thought much about in that context! After researching some ingredients a couple of years ago, it got pretty scary seeing what kind of cancer-causing/just bad for you in general ingredients I was literally allowing to soak into my skin 2x a day!

Not all of these products are “clean”, but I would say about 80% of them are! Clean beauty can be so expensive, so I am just making an effort to find cleaner products one at a time as I use up current products!


  • Wash: I shower in the mornings (and have a clean face from washing the night before), so in the shower I use this gentle scrub. I never use this unless I have a make-up free face.

Product Image

  • Prevention: I am somewhat addicted to these…. lol. I know they are not the best for my skin, but they are now the only Salicylic acid product I use… so I justify it that way 😉 I give my skin a quick swipe with one pad after getting out of the shower.

  • Moisturizer: Next, I swipe on my favorite product, this Neutregna moisturizer! There is also a version that contains SPF, but it feels to heavy for my liking so I add in an SPF next…

  • Prime: Before putting on my makeup I use a primer (I switch to one with SPF to protect against the sun in the summer or whenever I will be outdoors) to prep my skin for foundation!



  • Wash: I use a more gentle cleanser at night than I do in the morning. I swear by this one! It is so gentle and takes off ALL my makeup (no need for gross-feeling eye makeup removers!) I am convinced that this face wash has transformed my skin.

Product Image

  • Prevention: Time for Noxzema pads again (I know, I know, you skincare gurus are all probably shaking your head at me because of how not-good these are for your skin!)

  • Brighten: One of my favorite steps, vitamin C serum! This serum is amazing for the price (only $20!!) and is made of all natural ingredients. I have seen a significant difference in the brightness of my skin tone since using this. Be sure to only use it at night, the vit. C can interact badly with the sun.

  • Moisturizer: Same moisturizer as the morning.

  • Under-Eye Care: I am always switching out my eye creams. Here are two very different ones I love:
      • Under-Eye Roller: I use this if my eyes are extra puffy/tired looking. It feels so good and I do see a difference in dark circles by the time I wake up!

    • Cream: I love this cream by Clinique when my eyes feel like they need a little extra moisture boost! This is also great as a spot treatment for other dry skin patches.



  • Favorite Face Masks:
    • Garnier Skinactive Moisture Bomb The Super Hydrating Glow Boosting Sheet Mask, 1.08 Ounce” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Moisture Surge Sheet Mask
      • This mask is one of my favorites during the winter! I have NEVER seen results from a sheet mask- let’s face it, they’re just fun. But- this one made my skin so soft and glowing!
    • Clay Mask
      • Honestly, I SWEAR by this. It’s so affordable, lasts forever, and you see instant results. This is my go to when my skin is breaking out or just feels dull. 15 minutes with this guy on and you will feel like a new person. Not to mention its SO affordable.
    • Formula 10.0.6 Peel Mask
      • I only do this one before bed, because I find it to have a weird texture to put makeup on after. But, it’s great for a little extra brightening boost.
    • Under Eye Mask
      • My favorite after a stressful day, hours of crying during the bachelor, or for a little Sunday self care!

Feel free to reach out with any other skincare suggestions! I love trying new things!


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Baby Shower Inspo

‘Tis the season for Baby Showers & Wedding Showers! The last month or so of my life has been full of them, and I am honestly loving it! There’s nothing better than celebrating love and babies 🙂

This past weekend, my cousin and I hosted a “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” themed shower… complete with a “how we wonder what you are” pun since she doesn’t know the gender of the baby.

Below are some photos and details from the shower!





This barn door made the perfect area for present-opening! It also served as the backdrop to most of the photos with the mom & dad to be.


This diaper cake was made by Amy, it sat on the Diaper Raffle table. Guests were asked to bring a package of diapers to be entered to win a prize basket.

baby blocks

Photo Opp- these diaper boxes were wrapped in paper, and then made to look like child’s blocks for a cute photo opp when guests walked in!


This was an area where guests could vote on if they thought Baby K. will be a boy or a girl… boy won!


These centerpieces were also made by Amy, they are just rolled up diapers tied together with burlap ribbon.


The amazing cake one of the grandmas-to-be provided for the party.

Overall, Kelly & John’s shower was a success! We were so happy to be able to shower them with love… and mimosas ;)… for a whole morning!

amy and i

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Dublin, Ireland

A weekend in Dublin, Ireland: What we did, what we saw, and more importantly… what we ate!


Below I am sharing our 4 day Itinerary for Dublin! It was a quick trip, but honestly the perfect amount of time if you ONLY are going to be seeing one city.


9am: Flight lands in Dublin (We took an overnight flight, which I recommend if you want to make the most of a short trip!)

10am-1pm: We were here visiting family, so we picked up our rental car and drove to an Aunts house for lunch and to check into our AirBnB. The one linked here is in the area we stayed in (so convenient but cheaper than downtown) and only $102/night & sleeps 4 guests!

1pm: Taxi into the heart of the city! Our first stop was Temple Bar district. This is a very young, touristy area… perfect to help beat our jetlag! We grabbed lunch and drinks at The Old Storehouse. They have live music everyday after 3pm, and are one of the least tourist-filled bars in Temple Bar. Don’t forget to to get the iconic Temple Bar photo while you’re here!

While we were in Temple Bar, we bought tickets for Saturday’s Hop-On-Hop-Off tour bus, so that we could just jump on it near our AirBnB!

5pm: From Temple Bar we walked to Trinity College. Trinity College’s campus is huge… and beautiful! It was a short walk, and felt great to be outside after such a long flight. After walking the campus, we stopped into Butler’s Chocolate Shop for a pick-me-up!

7pm: Honestly, this is the point the jet-lag won and we fell asleep LOL. 10/10 do not recommend because you will be awake at 5am the next morning 😉


8am: Coffee & Scones at Lime Tree Cafe (across from Kilmainham Goal)

9am: Tour of Kilmainham Gaol. This is a huge tourist attraction, so get there right when the ticket booth opens at 9am! The tour lasts about an hour. This prison is very famous in Europe, and has a ton of interesting history behind it!

10:30am: Get on the Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour Bus. There is a stop right outside of the jail. We ended up staying on the bus for about an hour as it went all through downtown Dublin! Our guide was so funny, and we were able to see a ton of sites without all the walking. We took note along the way of sites we wanted to go back to later.

Image may contain: Justin Smiley and Annette Genovesi Treacy, people smiling, people standing, sky and outdoor

12pm: Christ Church Cathedral. We jumped off the bus at this stop, and bought tickets to be able to see the entire Cathedral. It. was. breathtaking. I highly recommend. (Photo below)

1pm: Dublin Castle. Fair warning, when you picture a castle in Ireland, this is not it! But, it is a very pretty mansion in the heart of Dublin! I would recommend doing the self-guided tour. Its shorter, cheaper, and you still see all the rooms!

2pm: Stroll Grafton Street. Grafton is one of the most known shopping streets in Europe! I would recommend window shopping, grabbing a coffee, and just relaxing as you look around! If shopping/window gazing isn’t your thing, this would be the perfect time to check out St. Stephen’s Green, a huge park in the city!

4pm: At this time we headed home to get ready for a cousins birthday party with family! Since you most likely won’t be doing that… Quays Bar for some live music and drinks would be a great option!

11pm: Watch your Fiance drink way too many Guinness’ with your Irish uncles… 10/10 do not recommend 😉


Image may contain: sky, grass, outdoor and nature

Sunday was a bit different for us- we drove out to Galway to see the town and land that my Grandpa grew up on! It’s about a 2 hour drive from Dublin, but the scenery is amazing. If you have a whole day free, I highly recommend taking time to do the drive and see some sights along the way!

On the way home, we stopped at Trim Castle. This is where parts of the movie Braveheart were filmed. The scenery is amazing… we arrived too late for a tour, but I am sure it would be great! Across the street from the castle is an Italian restaurant- Frazinis- for a dinner stop before the drive home.


8am: Coffee and scones, of course. We checked out Container Coffee in Dublin. Great stop- especially for an Instagram-worthy coffee stop!

9am: Drimnagh Castle. We took a tour of this castle that was steps away from our AirBnB. Warning, it’s not heated so if it’s winter, bundle up! Very cool though, and our tour guide was great.

10:30am: Guinness Storehouse. I recommend buying tickets online, and showing up a bit early to get photos in front of the iconic Guinness Storehouse doors! The self-guided tour lasted about an hour, and was very cool. TIP: for some reason ticket prices are different throughout the day! For example, we saved $3/ticket just by doing a tour at 12:15pm instead of 12pm. Be sure to look at the full day calendar and choose the best ticket option!

11:30am: Enjoy your free Guinness at the Gravity Bar for the best views of Dublin!

12pm: Grab lunch in one of the Guinness restaurants, we ate at 1837 Bar– it was one of our favorite meals of the trip!


1pm: Probably around the time you need another coffee or a small snack, if you’re anything like me 😉 UCafe is right across the street, and a great option. If it’s nice out, walk into the city! It’s less than a mile, and a great way to see some of the less-touristy areas.

2pm: The rest of the afternoon, we strolled around the city, saw any sights we still wanted to see! Stopping at the famous Laduree Macaron shop is an option, or The Rolling Donut if that’s more your style!

Evening: Dinner recommendations near Temple Bar:

Da Mimmo Italian (Italian food), Rosa Madre (Seafood), Piglet Wine Bar (Small Plates & Wine), Chameleon Restaurant (Irish food)

After dinner check out the Brazen Head for a drink! It’s the oldest pub in Europe, and a great spot for a drink and to listen to some authentic live music.

Image may contain: sky, bridge, night, outdoor and water
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Hi, Friends!

So, if you’re reading this I am sure you already know me… so I won’t bore you with all that! But, thank you for checking out my blog! Since I’m assuming you already know me, you know I am kind of Instagram obsessed, shop a little too much, and typically post all about those outfits on my ‘gram. What you might not know is how much I LOVE to write. As I finish up my Masters degree this spring, I was feeling a bit sad that my ‘creative outlet’ (if you can call writing papers on non-profit management creative lol) would be ending! So I decided to finally start a blog, aka a place for all my random thoughts!

Some things you can expect to see here (WARNING: it will be random-ness!)

  • Clothing/Shopping/Products I love (Disclaimer- I’m NO fashion blogger. I’ll be posting things I actually wear, and that won’t break the bank!)
  • Books I am reading
  • Recipes/Healthy Eating #GlutenFreeLife 😉
  • And, since it’s about to consume my life, I am sure there will be some wedding planning inspo/details making an appearance here as well!

Thanks for following along!