Gift Guide For Him

Anyone else feel like shopping for your boyfriend/husband should be the easiest gift… but always ends up being the hardest?! Every year I’m stressing about what I can get Justin that’s not super basic, and is still something useful! Here are some of my fav. ideas (and no Justin, none of these are actually your gift 😉 ) Shop the items shown below at the … Continue reading Gift Guide For Him

Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

Ok friend, todays blog post is super relevant to my life right now… and I am super excited to share! As tons of you probs remember, I recently finished up 7 months of Invisalign and have been obsessed with my teeth ever since then! After I felt more confident about the look of my teeth, I started to notice more and more how they could … Continue reading Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

Nordstrom Sale- What I’m Adding to Cart!

Hey, friends! Here are my personal picks for the Nordstrom sale. I’m breaking them up into categories, and will be adding items often as I see things! So, bookmark this page and check back often! As a reminder, tomorrow the sale goes live for cardholders, and the 19th it goes live for the public! But, as I mentioned in this post, preparing your shopping cart … Continue reading Nordstrom Sale- What I’m Adding to Cart!

Workout Wear

Three of my favorite stores are having some amazing sales on active wear this week! I am the kind of person who is largely motivated to workout by having the right outfit, so new workout clothes for summer are always a must. First, Nordstrom! There are so many Zella and Nike sales! If you haven’t tried the Zella leggings yet- now is the time! I … Continue reading Workout Wear