Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

Ok friend, todays blog post is super relevant to my life right now… and I am super excited to share!

As tons of you probs remember, I recently finished up 7 months of Invisalign and have been obsessed with my teeth ever since then! After I felt more confident about the look of my teeth, I started to notice more and more how they could use some whitening (ya know, never satisfied lol!). 

When I got the opportunity to try Smile Brilliant, I was so excited! I have insanely sensitive teeth and have never been able to whiten in the past. The customer service at Smile Brilliant was so great, I asked tons of questions before I even placed my order, just to be sure that I was going to be a good fit for the product due to my sensitivity.

The concept of this teeth whitening product was very unique. You take an impression of your teeth into a mold (not as bad as the ortho- promise!) and send it in the mail. In turn, your custom trays and teeth whitening gel are sent back to you. I used the whitening gel about 2 times a week, for the suggested amount of time. I honestly saw results after the first week!

To use, all you do is brush your teeth with plain water, insert the trays filled with gel, and whiten for 45mins-3hours. Then, you add the de-sensitizing gel afterwards (without rinsing it out). I normally did this right before bed, so that I wasn’t eating or drinking on my freshly white teeth 😊


I did about an hour each session. Smile Brilliant recommends whitening daily, but I was a bit afraid of my sensitivity, and did it a few times a week instead. I can only imagine how amazing the results would have been if I did it daily!

As far as sensitivity, I requested the sensitivity blocking gel with my whitening gel, and I am so glad I did! It seemed to cut back a ton on the amount my teeth would bother me after using the product. I won’t lie- I did still have a bit of sensitivity. However, it was very manageable, and wasn’t bad enough to stop using the product (and I have the lowest pain tolerance in the world). They do mention you can add coconut oil to your gums beforehand to help ease sensitivity- but I didn’t try that. It does sound like a great option though!

Overall- this is the BEST, quick, whitening I have found. I think this would be perfect to use before a wedding, bachelor party, or other event. Its quick and actually works… which makes it worth spending a tad more than you would on those annoying strips at the store. I deff know I will be re-ordering a kit next summer for Justin and I before our big day!

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