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Summer Favorites

By overwhelming demand… per my Instagram poll sounds like everyone is looking for two things: swim and tassel/fringe earrings! Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to see my FAVORITE swimsuit I’ve bought this season… that literally cost me under $2. Be sure to click the photos for pricing and purchasing information.

First up, Target! AKA all girl’s Their new line Shade & Shore has some great mix & match swim options, as well as some cute one pieces (warning, there is a glitch that is making these all show as sold out- but they are all still in stock if you follow the link):

Target is also currently offering free shipping & returns on all swim!

Next, Aerie! I am recently loving their items! The high-neck swimsuit style is so cute, and flattering on all bodies!

Finally, Amazon Swimmies! Cupshe is one of my favorite swim brands, the quality is SO good for such a great price. This first one-piece was my first Cupshe purchase, and I was hooked after that!

Links to Amazon Swim from left to right:

Striped Bikini, High Neck, Velvet Bikini, Ruffle Bikini, One Piece

Okay, finally my $2 swimsuit! I bought this on a whim after one of my favorite bloggers (Jena Green) posted hers! Its currently $1.62 (price does fluctuate but I have never seen it for more than $2.50).

Honestly- I was afraid to get this in after I saw it was shipping from China. I have such bad luck with buying clothing made overseas and having it come in WAY too small! BUT- this swimsuit fits me better than anything I currently have…it’s that good! It’s double lined on both pieces, and has removable padding in the top. I would suggest ordering a size up, just because the top is a bit narrow. Or, buy 2 sizes and give the one that doesn’t fit away LOL for $2 you can’t go wrong.

2 thoughts on “Summer Favorites

  1. A bold choice ordering something under $2 on a Chinese website, but that swimsuit is so cute!

    1. Agreed lol!! It ended up being well worth it though!

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