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Gluten Free Snacks

It’s officially Celiac Awareness Month, and as someone who is FINALLY feeling like myself after a life of not knowing why I just never felt well… it’s time to not only spread awareness, but celebrate over 3 years of being gluten free myself!

If you know me, you know I snack ALL. DAY. LONG. At first, finding gluten free snacks (that weren’t a fruit or vegetable) was a struggle for me! However, I have found my tried and true favorites. Some are super healthy, some are just copy-cats of some gluten-filled favorites! Here they are (click on the photos to head to their website):

Aldi Gluten Free Granola & Yogurt Parfaits– Speaks for itself. Aldi sells this ‘Live G-Free’ brand granola at all its locations.

Image result for aldi gluten free granola

Lifes Grape– This is a newer product that I found while browsing #GlutenFree on Instagram (no judging pls). These are ‘vine dried grapes’ or raisins, packed with nutrients! I am a big fruit snack girl… and these crave my sweet cravings. They come in original, dark chocolate, and minis. Life’s Grapes sent me an assortment of their new flavors to try and honestly, I can’t pick a favorite!

Image result for life's grape

Goodie Girl Cookies– I first found these at Starbucks, and have been in love ever since. They don’t even taste gluten free! Goodie Girl shared their animal crackers with me… and oh my gosh, they are so good! Even my gluten-loving fiance couldn’t tell the difference!

Apple & Justin’s Cinnamon Almond Butter– This almond butter flavor is SO good I could literally just eat it straight! This is one of my go-to mid-workday snacks.

NutThins– Can’t go wrong with a good cheese & crackers moment! I will actually often eat this as my lunch with some veggies & hummus. #AdultLunchable

From The Ground Up Snacks– Ok… here me out… cauliflower crackers. I promise they taste WAY better than they sound! These crackers come in your childhood favorite flavors… cheddar, nacho, pizza, & sea salt. 80 pieces only contain 100 calories & 18g carbs. Even better, they are also available on Amazon Prime. You can also use promo code: 20MAYSNACKS for 20% off.

Are there any other amazing GF Snacks I must try?! Comment below or on Insta and let me know… I’m always down 2 snack.

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